I am Healed by the Stripes of Jesus | Day 41

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This is Day 41 of 48 of the #TruthAboutWhoYouAre series. Thank you so much for joining in on this journey with me. I hope you are inspired over this 7 week series.

Today's post is written by one of my friends, Jordan Upton. Wife, stay at home mom to two kids. Mom by day, crafter by night! Love of coffee & flea markets! She's also the one that has helped me photograph some recent Crafted By prints and some that I haven't shared yet!

I am healed by the stripes of Jesus - Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24

I was 14. I went to the doctor for what I thought was strep throat... I remember expecting to get a quick throat swab, prescription and to be out of there. That one visit to the doctor shook me and my faith to the core. 
Within minutes of seeing the doctor I could tell that the appointment wasn't going to be as easy as I expected. There were multiple questions and just a weird feeling in the room. He said that I didn't have strep and he had a pretty good idea what was wrong with me but wanted me to go get some blood work done and then we could talk again. I went straight from the doctor to the hospital lab to get my blood drawn, I remember being nervous about the needles and hoping I'd never have to do that again. Little did I know that would be the first of many blood draws. That week was a blur of blood tests, doctors, my parents shuffling me around and trying to protect me from the scary truth... I had cancer.
The weeks to come we prayed and believed that God could and would heal my body. The tests came back positive for Leukemia. I remember the doctor saying that they needed to test my bone marrow to see what the next steps would be. He explained that my immune system was low and I was susceptible to getting very sick from something as simple as a cough. The following week was our annual fall retreat and I had already planned on going but my parents were adamant that I couldn't attend. I cried, yelled, and begged them to let me go! I promised I wouldn't get sick I promised them that I could handle it & that what I really needed was to be in God's presence at that fall retreat! After a few days they reluctantly let me go. I remember the 2nd night I was there, during worship they had an altar call for people who needed healing. I walked to the left side of the stage and just worshiped raising my hands in the air and someone laid their hands on me and began praying and believing for healing through my body. In that moment I felt God near, I heard him vividly, and felt such peace. 
Once we were home from the retreat I went to my appointment for the bone marrow test and begged my doctor to test my blood first, he of course thought I was crazy but I knew that something had shifted. When those blood results came back they were clear, completely negative, not a single sign of cancer! God had healed my body! 
I knew He could heal me but there were times of doubt and fear but my family continued to remind me that the word says Isaiah 53:5 I am healed by the stripes of Jesus! I am so thankful for His constant love and peace throughout all areas of my life! 
If you are needing healing in an area of your life be encouraged and know that he can heal you! 
He is ready & able to heal not only your body but your heart and mind and any area that you may need the healing that only He can bring! He is our father and he wants to protect and walk with you through any of your struggles. Press into him and find rest! 
Jordan Upton

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The scriptures used for this series came from Joyce Meyers download, “Who God Made You To Be”

As I added this post to the blog the song "Heaven and Earth" by Hillsong Worship flooded my mind. Enjoy! xoxo Kristen

By His stripes we are healed
By His death we can live
In Jesus name, in Jesus name
All oppression will cease
Every captive released
In Jesus name, in Jesus name 

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