I am Firmly Rooted | Day 39

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This is Day 39 of 48 of the #TruthAboutWhoYouAre series. Thank you so much for joining in on this journey with me. I hope you are inspired over this 7 week series.

Today's post is written by my beautiful mom. She's an amazing woman - has been married for over 40 years to my dad. I am so thankful for the wisdom she has to offer and hope this touches your life! Follow her along in her journey on Instagram: @janicekmoore


I am firmly rooted, built up, established in my faith and overflowing with gratitude. - Colossians 2:7

This scripture although it is only comprised of a small number of words speaks volumes to me. The depth of what is spoken resonates in my heart. Each time I read this scripture it shouts to every part of my being. It brings me comfort, but at the same time it makes me so very uncomfortable because it reminds me that I am not in control. It takes a relationship or a friendship with the Savior to become closer to Him which leads to becoming established in your faith. It’s about trusting God when we cannot see the outcome.

One of the most difficult realizations in my Christian walk was the fact that I am not and could not be in control of my life. I am responsible for my actions and reactions, but to “drive the bus” is not what I am called to do. I accepted Christ as my savior while in grade school, but I didn’t give up control until much later in life. Instead of deeply rooting myself in a relationship with Jesus, trusting when I couldn’t see the outcome and being full of thankfulness whether the times were good or not so good, I would look for ways to manipulate situations for a positive outcome. This didn’t produce growth or cause those roots of faith to go deep and become established, it fed the selfish desire to always be in control.

There have been countless times when I have been completely out of control of my circumstances then God would bring me right to the edge of the water similar to when He gave instructions to Joshua in Joshua 3:12-13. “12 Now choose twelve men from the tribes of Israel, one from each tribe.13 The priests will carry the Ark of the lord, the Lord of all the earth. As soon as their feet touch the water, the flow of water will be cut off upstream, and the river will stand up like a wall.” I have wondered how many of those men suggested building a boat to float the Ark across the river. How many worried about sinking to the bottom of the river while carrying the Ark? Then there are those who must have asked how would God stop the flow of the river - is it possible? With each of the “Jordan River” experiences I have had throughout my life, my faith in God has deepened. My roots go a little deeper when He calls me out of the comfortable and I begin to trust Him for what seems impossible.

In Texas I worked in ministry and my husband was my number one volunteer for 22 years which resulted in developing lifelong friends. For those who know me well, they have heard me say (and quite often) that I would never move to California. I truly believed that it would be impossible 1) to change careers, 2) to be able to afford to live in the beautiful state where the cost of living is not so great and 3) to leave friends and family behind. God had other plans. He brought my husband and to the place where we had to make choice. There were multiple circumstances converging much like the perfect storm so I tried everything I knew to find a way out, around, over, but He knew best. I chose to trust Him. As my trust grew and as I gave up control He paved the way to bring us to one of the best times of our lives. Four years ago I couldn’t see how the outcome could possibly be a blessing, but today I am overflowing with gratefulness for all He has done for me, my husband, Win, and our amazing family. This is only one of hundreds of circumstances, each building upon the other, of how God brought us to the edge then would ask, “Now, let me take control so that I can lead you the rest of the way.” His way is always better than what I could dream of or imagine.  

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 The scriptures used for this series came from Joyce Meyers download, “Who God Made You To Be"

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