I am an Overcomer | Day 27

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This is Day 27 of 48 of the #TruthAboutWhoYouAre series. Thank you so much for joining in on this journey with me. I hope you are inspired over this 7 week series.

A little about Judy Calderon. I was born and raised in Washington state.  Moved to Orange County, California 18 years ago. Married to my wonderful husband Michael for 29 years. Two married children and 4 grand children! Very involved at a great church, The Movement in Mission Viejo, California.
I have a love for the mission field and have had the opportunity to go to the nations over 35 times. Love to travel, spend time with my family and friends, and love meeting new people!



Rev 12:11 I am an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony!

How was Satan defeated? By the blood of the Lamb! The blood of Christ is the greatest weapon we have against the devil. He accuses us continually! He points out every failing of every one of God's people. What can silence the enemy in our lives? The blood of the Lamb. Only the blood that Christ shed for our sins covers our inadequacies before God. What else? The Word of their testimony, this defeats Satan. Do you have a testimony? Was there a day you met Jesus at the foot of the cross? You cried out and He answered you! For me personally, the day I cried out to Jesus, in January of 1989, He heard my cry and answer me! His amazing grace totally transformed me and rearranged my life completely! Now my life has real meaning. Up to that point, throughout my whole life I had been searching and longing for meaning and purpose in my life.

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we all have a testimony to share with those around us. A story to tell! The words of your personal experience of how your life was and how it is now can not  be disputed! By definition a story is "an account of past events in someone's life." It is sharing your life experience and your journey with another person. Jesus used stories as His primary way to connect and minister to people. Often He would speak in parables to those that followed Him. A parable is "an earthy story with heavenly meaning."

Your story of how God changed your life is not for you alone. It is meant to be shared. It is your story, your firsthand account of what God through Christ has done in your life.  Your testimony has authority. Many questions about the Bible you may not be able to answer, but you are the authority on your own testimony.  When you tell your story of how God has worked a miracle in your life, or how He has blessed you, transformed you, lifted and encouraged you, perhaps even healed you, no one can argue or debate it. You go beyond the realm of knowledge into the realm of relationship with God. Paul gives his testimony in Acts 22:1-16 and 26:9-23. First Paul says, "I have not always been a Christian, but God showed me my need of Jesus Christ. I committed my life to Jesus and now my life is different." Are you telling your story?

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The scriptures used for this series came from Joyce Meyers download, “Who God Made You To Be”

Be sure to download this printable while it's free! 


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